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Designing the Outdoor Kitchen

Designing the Outdoor Kitchen

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Top Takeaways from NKBA’s Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Research Study Session 1featuring
Tricia Zach, Head of Research, NKBA | KBIS
NKBA’s Head of Research, Tricia Zach will provide a 15-minute overview of the Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Research  report, providing professional insight into the findings, how the data was gathered and key takeaways.
From Concept to Creation: Crafting the Perfect Outdoor KitchenSession 2featuring
Julia Gillespie, Director of Marketing, NKBA | KBIS
Matt Herbert, Principal, Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens
Isabella Blue, Principal, RISE Outdoor 
Emily Bell, Principal, Bell Design Studios
Julia Gillespie, NKBA’s Director of Marketing, will lead a discussion on the latest trends, innovations, and regional factors to consider when designing luxury outdoor kitchens that can balance the homeowner’s desires with practical realities, like withstanding the elements. 
The Indoor vs Outdoor Kitchen: A Different Animal or Similar?Session 3featuring
Carrie Kennedy, Market Research Analyst, NKBA | KBIS
Kristen Hennie, CKBD, Principal, Ducy Design 
Adam Gibson, CMKBD, Principal, Adam Gibson Design
Elma Gardner, CMKBD, Principal, By Design
How transferable are indoor kitchen design skills to the great outdoors? Answer: A lot. Carrie Kennedy, Market Research Analyst for the NKBA, explores the similarities and differences in designing indoor kitchens versus outdoor kitchens and provides tactical information on zones, appliances, material and more.
A Deep Dive into the Process: What Makes a Project ‘Sing’Session 4featuring
Nar Bustamante, Principal, Nar Design Group
John Cialone, Partner & Vice President, Tom Stringer Design Partners
The summit will culminate with a captivating one-on-one discussion between host/designer Nar Bustamante and designer John Cialone of Tom Stringer Design Partners. Together they will explore what it takes to design an outdoor kitchen, exploring every detail that goes into creating a truly exceptional outdoor space.
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Emily Bell


Bell Design Studios

Isabella Blue


RISE Outdoor

Nar Bustamante


Nar Design Group

John Cialone

Partner & Vice President

Tom Stringer Design Partners

Elma Gardner, CMKBD


By Design

Adam Gibson, CMKBD


Adam Gibson Design

Kristen Hennie, CKBD


Ducy Design

Matt Herbert


Sherwood Outdoor Kitchens

Julia Gillespie

Director of Marketing


Carrie Kennedy

Market Research Analyst


Suzie Williford

EVP & Chief Strategy Officer


Tricia Zach

Head of Research



NKBA Explores the rapidly growing category of the Luxury Outdoor Kitchen with top industry designers and practitioners.

As an increasing number of homeowners look to create outdoor areas that seamlessly blend form and function, outdoor kitchens are swiftly becoming a standard in luxury design. In tandem with its soon-to-be-released 2023 Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Research report, NKBA presents its first-ever outdoor kitchen summit: Designing the Outdoor Kitchen. The summit, hosted by renowned designer Nar Bustamante and introduced by NKBA’s EVP/CSO, Suzie Williford, will bring together top industry designers and experts. They will explore the intricacies of luxury outdoor kitchens, sharing invaluable insights and inspiration on the key elements that unify a space, discussing the latest concepts and technologies, building an area that can withstand the elements and exploring the applicability of K&B expertise to the outdoor space.

Register today to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in this rapidly growing category. As a bonus, all registrants will receive an advance copy of NKBA’s Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Research Report.